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Ron & Leah Seven Hills Inn Lenox MA

I wish I had more time to share my recent weddings but due to a very busy June I only managed to squeak this one into the blog. Congratulations to Ron and Leah who where married at Seven Hills Inn in Lenox MA. The inn was absolutely gorgeous and the decor was stunning. Anyone being married in the Berkshires should inquire about availability at the Inn. We started the day at Cranwell resort when I arrived the ladies where already at the spa and looking stunning for the day ahead. We spent some time there as the morning past before heading to Seven Hills Inn for what turned out to be one of my favorite weddings so far this year.

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John & Leah 11 North Peal Events

Wedding Westminster Presbyterian Church
Reception 11 North Pearl Events
Catered by Classe Catering
Cake created by Crisan Bakery

Congrats to John and Leah who where two of the most outgoing and fantastic people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I wanted to post a few extra photos and try to show a little more coverage as I have been asked by couples to see more complete weddings so here we go……

I thought this was a stunning image of Leah and one of my favs of the morning

Leah sharing one of those special moments with her Dad …

That’s right wedding sneakers…..You have to be hip to flaunt the Nike’s

Showing the sneeks off….lol…..

Leah was getting ready at 74 State St. while we where waiting for the wedding party to show up we found our way up to the second floor Bistro Bar to get in a few shots

Reception 11 North Pearl Events

Classe Catering was superb

John took a moment to thank everyone and if you are wondering…’Yes’ that is an actual bank vault behind them

Leah sharing a moment with her Dad….

Cake created by Crisan Bakery

I didn’t want to pose the shot so I stalked them for about 10 minutes before I finally got the shot I was looking for…..

Father of the Groom really kicked it out on the dance floor

This shot was taken at the very end of the night. I had to get at least one shot of John and Leah in the vault

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Jim + Kelli

Congratulations to Jim and Kelli married at West Parish Church in Andover MA. followed by a rocking reception at the Andover Country club. It was a fantastic day starting at Kelli’s grandparents house and Kelli was one of the coolest brides I got to shoot this year. She had her game on right from the start though I had heard that Jim had a few problems the night before with the rehearsal…I’ll cover that a little later … The morning set we had a blast and shot some awesome photos of Kelli and the ladies up until it became game time and off to the church we went. The church was a quaint simple church where I found the groom waiting for Kelli’s arrival. Remember when I mentioned that Jim had a few problems with the rehearsal well his groomsmen where not going to let him forget that he was having a hard time reciting his vows the night before. They had a few cue cards for him……lol…….he did make it through the ceremony without a hitch. After the ceremony we where off to the Andover Country Club to take group shots in their garden setting unfortunately we ran late and out of daylight so we moved it to the front by the car port. The guys and ladies really knew how to ham it up for the camera and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to finish because they keep me laughing for so long. As the night moved along and we made our way through the reception I noticed the DJ going over a dance routine outside with the groomsmen. I was thinking to myself “what are they planning” well you ‘ll just have to wait to the end of the post to see but all I can say is the DJ should of had his own Vegas show he was incredible and really made the end of the night.

Kelli and her sister helping her ….Kell had that glow about her…..05b
awsome headshot……………06
The guys had to have a little fun with Jim after he had a hard time reciting his vows the night before09
I was going to stay away from coloring effects in this post but sometimes I just can’t help myself…….10
Group love ……..16
Rocking the carport with the ladies………………20
This DJ came with the jackets and wigs and put on a fantastic show.  I can’t forget to mention the groomsmen who had no real time to get the routine down and rocked it…..28

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