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Brad & Sara engagement shoot Schenectady NY

Congratulations to Brad and Sara!!! We shot a day night engagement shoot starting in Schenectady at Central Park and finishing up in Albany…..You where both great to work with and looking forward to the wedding !!!

Here a few favs…………….

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Sean & Sara married in the Berkshires

Congratulations to Sean & Sara married in Pittsfield MA. I am lucky to be able to post most of these photos due to the theft of my equipment bag. Also in the bag where the memory cards for about 70% of the wedding. We where lucky enough that after the Berkshire eagle ran the story about the theft and with a reward the missing gear and memory cards where returned. This made for a very long and stressful weekend but 3 days later I made the phone call with the good news. I would like to thank Sean and Sara you’re both fantastic people as you took what happened with class and poise and assured me (I was a little out of my mind) that it was alright and put it behind them for the remainder of the evening.

I would like to give special thanks to the Pittsfield Police Department for all the Help and The Berkshire Eagle for running the story ……….

We started at Indulgence Salon who was very accommodating

I wanted to show a little more of the candid shots that we capture. You typically don’t get to see these in my blog. So here is a little look into more of what happens in the morning

I wanted to do something a little different and go with some black & white…I ‘m usually a color guy so I thought I’d switch it up

Sara’s Mom was very happy with the flowers

The guys in the morning usually get ready in about 20 minutes so the assistant photog has got to be quick they had some time on there hands so the went to the Berkshire hills for a few shots

That is some serious bling !!!

Sara’s Dad seeing her for the first time in the dress…..

This shot I had to do in black and white its stunning

Sara and her Father on the way to the church. I try to stay with the Bride all morning

You know whats coming when you marry military

Sara’s having a little to much fun with that sword ….lol…

Have you ever seen Top Gun with Tom Cruise well the guys decided that they where going to sing to the bride just like in the movie

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John & Saasha country wedding Cobleskill New York

Congrats John and Saasha married in Cobleskill NY. I really love when a couple is really into the photos and put aside some quality time to do something special. Saasha decided that after the getting ready part of the morning her and John would meet on the tracks in town. John got to she his bride for the first time who was looking absolutely stunning. I shoot mostly candid but posted allot of detail and posed stuff from the morning just they way it worked out this time. I tried to stay away from shooting crazy angles as now and then you have to just get back to basics. I find that I get carried away sometimes with getting creative with framing. There is an an old saying KISS ( keep it simple Sam ) at least this time…. ; )

Check out these kicks……..

needed something a little more practical for the tracks……loving the orange crush……

Yes John serves his country and thought he would like to wear his uniform for the morning…..

While the guys waited for the ladies a train rolled through so we grabbed some cool shots….

I think John was fairly happy to see Saasha…..

Saasha knew of a farm near by with a patch of sunflowers….

Who can resist cows …lol…had to get a shot

I saw some hay bails coming into to town and decided to put them to good use…..These are some of my favs

John and Saasha met at a cafe in town and wanted to revisit the moment….they even sat in the same seats…

John gave the guys mugs before the ceremony and they decided to put them to good use…

I love this shot of the flower girl. I think its the simplicity of the shot that works well

nice moment caught before the reception

having a little fun….

Mothers of the Groom and Bride…

These two where tring to show each other up all night….

really nice moment later in the night.

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Elkin & Angie – Central Park Manhattan New York City

Congratulations to Elkin and Angie who where married at Central Park NY…..I really like living in the country but I love shooting in the City just can’t get enough of it. This wedding was special because we had so much time between the wedding and reception. I wish all weddings where planned this way as we where able to take some great shots as we drove through Manhattan.

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